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The members of African dating are from all over the world.Search for African Dating partners in your home town, city or country. We are the world's biggest and best African dating site with thousands of other Black African Single looking for a dating partner just like you. Check out some of our success stories at African dating below.

Louis and Michelle

May 12, 2014 Paris

Louis and Michelle are both from Paris but they met each other just last year here on African Dating. Thanks to African Dating they are now in a long term committed relationship.

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Shantel and Kyrone

September 12, 2015 Norfolk Virginia

Shantel and Kyrone were both working on the same Navy base in Norfolk Virginia but had never met each other in all of the years they worked different sections But when Kyrone joined African Dating, he noticed a cute lady called Shantel and the rest is history. They are now married and expecting their first baby.

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Julius and Ronelle

October 04, 2015 Providence, Rhode Island

Julius and Ronelle were one of the very first success stories of African Dating. As you can see, they are very happily married and now have three beautiful children.

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Don't be afraid to make the first move here on African Dating. 90% of dating Singles who receive a polite and respectful message on a dating site reply immediately.

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Once you make contact, dont just chat and email each other forever. The best results happen when you build trust quickly and move to chatting in person. Of course it all starts with that first polite and respectful message though African Dating. After that, it's up to you both!

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